About Yarid 


My name is Jad, and the name Yarid holds a special significance for me. It is derived from the Hebrew name יָרֶדְ ("Yarid"), meaning 'descent' or 'to descend', which is actually the origin of my own name. When I was brainstorming names for this project, I knew I wanted something that had a personal connection to me and would represent my vision for what I hope to achieve. That's when I realized that Yarid would be a perfect fit. Not only does it have a powerful and memorable sound, but it also represents my passion for creating something that will truly make a difference.

About Me

 I'm a software engineer and a scientist with a passion for fitness. I started my first tech blog, UltGate, when I was just 16 years old. However, I decided to try something a bit different and started sharing my fitness journey on Instagram. After trying my hand at blogging in different niches, I finally realized that I wanted to create a website that represents what I'm truly passionate about - a project that reflects both my love for fitness and my expertise in tech and blogging. With Yarid, I'm excited to combine my interests and create something that truly represents me and what I hope to achieve.